Who the hell is Jack Kinsley?

Jack Kinsley is an American author who writes character-driven suspense. His work has been described as “a truly unique read”, “filled with sharp dialogue”, and having “touches of wicked humor”.

For those who love fiction that is about people as well as plot, Jack Kinsley will push you to the edge of your seat, have you laughing at times, and holding your breath until the end. Writing in a distinctive voice, he earns your trust and takes you places you weren’t expecting to go.

It all started when he was just a little boy…

Okay, we won’t go that far back, except to say he was born in Anaheim, California. After living most of his life in Southern California, Jack moved to the south of Thailand to focus on his writing. His second full-length novel, The Temporary Death of Charles Gray, was published in 2018, and he is currently at work on his first series.   

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