The Temporary Death of Charles Gray

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“Incredible read. Jack Kinsley has created some great characters in such a realistic atmosphere that while you want to find out what happens, you don’t want the book to end. An intriguing read that will put you through a complete range of emotions. A definite must read.” – L. Frank

“If you want a great read this is the one. I loved this book. A must read for sure.” – Adele

Amazingly well-written story of death and the life of the lone survivor. Jack Kinsley created characters that will remain in your head and heart long after the last page has been read. – A. Keeran

“Oh…my…gosh. What a read! This is a deep, heartfelt book. Lots of feels. I hurt, I cried, I was scared, but I laughed and hoped also. Great storyline. Awesome characters. Kept me up well into the night. This story will be with me for quite some time. I want more from Jack Kinsley.” – B. Simondynes

“One of the best novels I have read. Very well written and keeps you wanting to find out the conclusion.” – K. Lingenfeter

This is a must read for anyone who loves a good story, well developed characters in a fast moving, can’t put it down kind of book! – J. Johnson

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If all was lost, would you find a way?

After a deranged gunman murders his wife and son, mild-mannered accountant Charles Gray finds himself without a family, without a future, and without hope. Aimless and alone, he leaves the remnants of his life behind to search for answers and revenge that pull him halfway across the globe — to Thailand.

Suddenly cast into the dangerous world of Thai culture and tourist life on the island of Phuket, Charles finds that nothing is as it seems. After meeting the man he holds responsible for his loss, he quickly discovers it’s impossible to reconcile his thirst for retribution with the acumen and gregarious nature of his target.

Will the man ultimately shed light on why his family was murdered, or is he simply playing Charles for a fool? Is he manipulating Charles’s own bloodlust against him? And just how many secrets of his own is this man hiding? As Charles schemes to find the truth, he wonders: Does that truth even matter anymore?

In his second full-length novel, beloved author Jack Kinsley delivers a quick-burning tale of death, obsession, existential angst, and the possibility of atonement. As Charles begins to piece together something approaching a new start in Thailand, he finds himself confronting life’s most profound questions about love, loss, and redemption—redemption that Charles might find possible for even the darkest of devils who haunt our very hearts.


A Boy & A Gun


Kinsley creates very real characters that you can connect and empathize with. It is a well-crafted and twisting tale of suspense. Kinsley will keep you guessing until the absolute end!”
– KB Librarian

Jack Kinsley does it again! After reading his last book, Club Medicine, I was impatiently waiting for another. It was worth the wait. What I enjoyed most about this novella were the well-rounded characters and the dialogue. The author has an insatiable wit that makes for some humorous scenes and acute human observations.
– Fisher

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When a boy with something to prove finds a loaded gun…

On the cusp of becoming a man, Lincoln Banks lives as an outcast in the neighborhood of North Long Beach, California. His single mother has sacrificed years of hard work to relocate them, but days prior to moving, Lincoln roams the neighborhood with a single bullet in search of what he’s really made of.


Club Medicine: A character-driven psychological thriller with a shocking twist


Club Medicine was a fantastic read. I simply loved it. I have not read a book with this storyline before, and in this day and age, it seems as if finding a truly unique read is almost like finding a unicorn; it’s hard to believe it exists. But it does, and Jack Kinsley’s work is proof of that.”– Tracy Slowiak for Readers’ Favorite

“An exceptionally well-written novel and a psychological thriller in the best sense of the word.”– Readers+Writers Journal

“An entertaining novel with a thrilling twist and a lot of heart-pounding suspense!”
– B. Case, TOP 500 REVIEWER, Amazon

“Filled with sharp dialogue and a touch of wicked humor, this novel has all the elements of a top notch thriller.”
– KB Librarian, Goodreads

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What drives a reasonable man to commit murder?

Travis Martin was the great American success story. A former addict who started the premiere private rehab in the hills of Malibu, California, he had it all: a thriving business, a beautiful wife, and a daughter who was the center of his universe. Unfortunately, when his recovery took a nosedive, everything he built went right along with it. Now, he has a rehab filled with eccentric clients he’s expected to keep sane, a dark secret he’s desperate to keep hidden, and forces from his past that are determined to strip him of anything that remains.

What’s a self-made man to do? Backed into a corner, Travis finds himself stuck on one moral question: Can he commit murder in order to keep it all from slipping away? How far down the rabbit hole will he go? And, perhaps more importantly, how does he come back from it after that life is gone?

Part thriller and part redemption tale, Club Medicine explores the heart of darkness within us all as one man balances on the razor’s edge between self-actualization and self-destruction.